Notes of a Pragmatic Geek

by Daniel Khan

The Event Loop and Non-Blocking I/O in Node.js

Node.js is written in C/C++ and JavaScript and basically lets you run JavaScript code without a browser. It was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. “Why did he choose JavaScript?(!)”, you might ask. Well, first of all JavaScript is just a programming language. So – why not? It’s well integrated into browsers and so we are tempted to see […]

Why is Node.js so popular?

Node.js is constantly gaining popularity in the tech community and even big players like LinkedIn, PayPal, Walmart or eBay (to name only a few) already added it to their stack. This is interesting because often a new kid on the tech block gets much attention from small businesses and startups (look at Rails) but here established brands shift services to a new […]

Fixing line-breaks and appearance in embedded gists

Starting with wordpress I wanted to embed gists, so I installed the Easy Gist Embed plugin that let’s you simply paste the URL to your gist into a post. Unfortunately the line heights were much to large and the whole thing looked just wrong. Below you find the CSS that fixed that for me.

node.js – how exports and module.exports works

When starting with node.js the way modules work seems a little awkward. Especially the difference between exports and module.exports causes much confusion. Somehow we tend to think that exports is the global/important variable and module.exports is something local to the module and has less importance.

Webserver attack deconstructed

This is a webshell. This post covers how I found it on a server. The emergency Some days ago I got a call. A webserver (Linux) of an advertising company hosting about 60 sites was going nuts and was driving attacks against other sites. The datacenter had taken it offline twice and now demanded a […]

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